VRF Systems

Comfort and efficiency through flexibility

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems effectively and precisely maintain the temperature within your commercial facility with significantly improved efficiency. A major strength of VRF systems is the ability to customize both the system and its operation according to zone and demand variations. Basically, a VRF system can handle simultaneous heating and cooling to maintain more consistently comfortable temperatures, and do it all efficiently.

When we design and install a VRF system in your building, excess heat is redistributed to areas that require heating, maximizing energy efficiency while trimming costs. For cooling, refrigerant flow is adjusted to meet the specified demand of each zone, ensuring more uniform comfort and maximum energy efficiency.

Our preferred vendor for VRF systems is Daikin. They invented the technology in 1982, and are still the industry leader.

Daikin VRF system benefits include:

  • Leader in cold-weather technology – rated to -22 degrees
  • Greater flexibility options to meet comfort requirements
  • Automatic and customizable Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) climate tuning
  • Significant seasonal efficiency
  • Short commissioning time
  • Design flexibility with long piping lengths
  • Optimized for total Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • High efficiency filtration
  • Made in USA

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